The evidence is the written promise:
 "A road way is to be provided for a foard [ford] crossing at appx sta 1094+50"



Mr. Anthony M. O'Connell
21 6 Governor's Lane, Apartment 12
Harrisonburg. Virginia 22801
Dear Mr. O'Connell:
As I promised when we met on Friday, November 14, 1997, enclosed is a copy of the September 15, 1935, agreement between VDOT and the "Hiners". Also enclosed is a copy of the actual deed conveying the property to VDOT, which is dated October 21, 1935, and recorded in the Highland County Courthouse in Deed Book 29, Pages 503 through 505.
For your benefit, the Virginia Department of Transportation reads the handwritten section of the agreement with the Hiners to be as follows:

Consideration: $750.00 for land, fencing, tearing down or moving three buildings, apple and sugar trees, and all damages to residue.
It is agreed the State is to lay a 1" water line from the north side of road at Station 1077+90 to a point back of her house and construct a concrete watering trough 2' x 4' x 2'.
A road way is to be provided for foard crossing at approximate Station 1044+50. 'The timber is reserved by the owner and is to be cut under the standard timber clause.
'The owner agrees to clear the right of way before payment is made and in the event they should fail to do so, the State has the right to remove same and deduct the cost from the above consideration.
(Where handwriting was not clear, the words have been underlined and italicized.)

As I indicated to you, I have no reason to believe the consideration described was not provided to the Hiners some 62 years ago. Also, the Attorney General's Office has provided comments on the legal aspects of this situation.
Should you need to meet with me again in the future, an appointment arranged through my secretary will assure that I will be here.
S. A. Waymack, Director
Right of Way and Utilities Division

The promise "A road way is to be provided for a foard [ford] crossing at appx sta 1094+50" in the 1935 Agreement is not recognized.